Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day Dream

So, I finished my paper on Tuesday! Congratulations to me. I also made it to work and did my visiting teaching (woot). When I got home I looked at the schedule I had planned. I apparently thought I would have enough energy to go take a Bikrahm yoga class. John saw my plans and urged me to go. Confused as to why I was even trying, I dragged myself down to sugar house for a class, I even squeezed in some grocery shopping on the way.

It felt great to take a class! To move my body again. I forgot how emotionally attached I am to my body, if that makes any sense. Exercise is detrimental to my physical and mental well being if I don't do it. I've always noticed how much more clear my mind is after a dance class, or how I am less stressed about things when I've been exercising regularly. The thought of having a job where I am sitting down all day just kills me inside. But yeah, I even went running up Memorial grove canyon yesterday and through the avenues - I'm really going to miss that.

But yeah, the class wasn't even the best part of that evening. When I got home the apartment was spotless! The dishes were done, the carpet was vacuumed, the clutter was cleared, and there were fresh flowers in the vase. John definitely knows the way to my heart. Maybe I should write a post every time I can't stand the mess in our home. Either way, he was really sweet. I'm going to try and make it up to him tonight by making a batch of the Glauser's famous potato rolls. Yum!


Michemily said...

That was so sweet of John to clean up. That's the way to my heart too. "Work is love made visible."